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Our corporate history as Fe Metal Konstr. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Dates back to 1986. Initiated with advertisement film decors, our works proceeded with décor design and applications for private TVs.

With the strength from our experience and accumulation of 25 years, a firm that can melt in the same pot different works including steel construction, building, roof, platform, fire stairway, store and bar decors, advertising signs, bus stations and exhibition stands.

Images From Our Works
  • AROG Filmine Dinozor Dişleri
  • CarrefourSA’ya Çelik Merdiven+Korkuluk
  • Ferforje Merdiven Korkuluğu/Alibeyköy
  • İstanbul Otogarına Otobüs Durağı
  • Kuzey Irak’a Otobüs Durağı -300 Adet-
  • Paslanmaz Duraklar-Tubitak Gebze-
  • Su Deposu (18 Ton) -Gemlik Yem Fabrikası-

As FE METAL, by making use of the steel, iron, stainless, aluminum, we manufacture Steel Construction, Car Park, Elevator Tower& Freight Lift, Mezzanine (Steel floor&Steel Coverign), Steel Building, Steel Roof, Steel Reinforcement, Façade Construction, Ventilation Units, Machine Frame, Porch, Iron Joinery, Automatic Sliding Doors, Heavy and Light Shelf Systems, Iron Door, Iron Banisters and Railing, Wrought Iron Doors, Table-Chair-Coffee Table, Skating&Cycling Park, Water&&Fuel Tank, Window Rail, Stainless Manufacturing, Stainless Decoration Products, Stainless Latex Tank, Stainless Water & Fuel Tank, Banisters, Aluminum Banisters, Iron Banisters, Wrought Iron Banisters, Stainless Banisters, Stairs, Iron Stairs, Roller Stairs, Shelf Stairs, Fire Stairway, Metal Stand, Iron Stand, Exhibition Stand, Kiosks, Stainless Stand, TV & Program Decors, Café & Bar & Store Decors, Television Decors, Advertising Board, Flagpole, Luminous Billboard, Luminous Board, Kiosk Manufacture, LED Screen Carriers, Stainless Box light, Plexi Box, Packet-Advertising board, Totem, Vinyl Board, Barrier Systems, Armed Park Barriers, Wrestling Hold & Trap, Rising Bollards, Automatic Door Motor, Fire Door.

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